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Life is an adventure.


Welcome to our story – the story of the Wild Pioneers.

We’ve spent the last few years chasing our dream, trying to figure out where to live in the world  – and when we finally pinned it down, where we wanted to live in Scotland.

We met when working in Edinburgh, and that’s where this adventure first began. 

It started out as a few weekends here and there – trips to the mountains, to the sea, to wild camp, to simply be outdoors. 

Every chance we got, we’d get as far from our day jobs as possible –  and then race back again in the precious little time that we had. 

From there, somehow we managed to quit our jobs and go full time on the road – learning to build our businesses and support ourselves without being tied to a job anymore.

That took us all over the world, and then it brought us right  back to Scotland.  

And now, here we are. We found where we wanted to live in Scotland. And that’s where you’ll find us.

In the mountains, living our own adventure.  

Our Travels

A sample of some of the weird, wild and wonderful places we’ve been. 

Three Days in Andalusia – What Not to Miss

Three Days in Andalusia – What Not to Miss

Summer Adventures in and About Ronda Why go to Andalusia? Andalusia is one of Spain’s most captivating areas. There is no shortage of spectacular sites to see, but at a staggering  87,300 square kilometres, it’s a very large region and you’d maybe need a lifetime to...

How It All Started: What Made Us Go Wild

How It All Started: What Made Us Go Wild

Hey! And thanks for stumbling into our corner of the internet. if you’re anything like us at all, in any way, shape or form, you probably found us while seeking out more ways to appreciate nature, or maybe spy on what other adventurous spirits are up to. Or perhaps...

Kit List for Wild Camping

Kit List for Wild Camping

15 Items you need to camp wild comfortably! t’s easy to say that Essentially all you need is a tent, a sleeping bag, and a roll mat (or a yoga mat) but realistically, you’re going to need more than that.

Trips In The Pipeline

All the places we want to be getting to… (When this pandemic has passed, obv.)

Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa


Home & Garden


Sourdough Baking


Walks in The Cairngorms

Outside Time

Travel Gallery

A gallery of memories and places we’ve loved

Grazalema National Park, Andalusia
Alex making coffee with the Aeropress and Kelly Kettle at Loch Garten
Wild Camping in Scotland