About Us

One Norwegian. One Scot. Two geeky people passionate outdoors who left an old life behind to seek a new adventure. 

Back in 2017, we had comfortable jobs and a nice apartment overlooking the sea, north of Edinburgh. But we wanted more.

When we are out, about and talking about our travels, we like to go by our official made up title, the Wild Pioneers.

We met while working in our former jobs as environmental consultants in Edinburgh, Scotland and we have always loved spending time together, in the great outdoors.

Our passion for wildlife, nature and camping led us to spend many a weekend out there simply enjoying the wilderness.

In 2017 we took a camping trip in the very early and very bracing spring, and decided then and there that we wanted this to be the future.

The Wild Pioneers is our blog where we share what more about the things that we care about: the environment, the wilderness, and all the things that happen to us out there — the good, the bad, and the beautiful.

Our main goal is freedom to travel and spend time doing more of all this stuff, and generally showcasing nature’s secrets.

(Sorry nature, but that’s how it goes.)

We believe that a better understanding of our natural environment enhances our enjoyment of it, and our desire to protect it.

The Wild Pioneers, El Torcal

Meet Espen

I’m from Bergen, Norway.

I spend a lot of time outdoors taking photography, or sitting in a hide, but I’m also passionate about conservation issues, and that’s part of why I want to specialise in wildlife and environmental photography.

My mission with the Wild Pioneers is to share more about our travels and provide a resource for others to enjoy the outdoors with a bit more depth.

And here's Alex

I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland, and everything I know about birds and wildlife, Espen taught me.

I like to write, run, do yoga (sometimes), make sourdough. My starter is called Gertrude.

I love sharing stories — and if nothing else, I want to teach people how to do a headstand, pick their own blueberries, pitch a tent in the wild, and make sourdough. If we can get to a plastic free life, I’ll be complete.

Drop Us a Line

We’re not outside all the time. Sometimes we check emails! Feel free to send us one, or a notecard, or a smoke signal (just in case).