Hey! And thanks for stumbling into our corner of the internet. if you’re anything like us at all, in any way, shape or form, you probably found us while seeking out more ways to appreciate nature, or maybe spy on what other adventurous spirits are up to.

Or perhaps even more simply, you are just trying to figure out how to spend more time doing what you love, and less time doing the stuff you don’t quite like so much.

That’s how it all began for us.

Beitostølen, Norway 2017

As long as we’ve known each other, we’ve enjoyed each others company, especially spending it outdoors.

From dawn bird surveys to evening bat surveys and everything in between, spending time outside in nature was our together time, in both our hobbies and our work.

Birds, mammals, plants, mountains, sea, the night sky, even soil. We love all of it. We wanted to see more of it.

At a basic level, we sought less time in offices, and more time under the big blue sky.

Outer Hebrides, Scotland 2016

Editors note: we are actually aware, coming from Scotland and Norway, that we are more famous for our rain and drizzle than for our appealing climate. 

Even so, we love it. We have Scandinavian blood.

Even me – I’m pretty sure Scotland is secretly part of the Nordic nations.

Anyway. We wanted more of it. And we wanted it on our terms.

Our camping trips and bolts to the Highlands and Islands were all too often squeezed into whatever time we had. Weekends, long weekends, and the rare week long road trip – I think that happened only once.

Outer Hebrides, Scotland 2016

Then one day (it was actually very wet and miserable, from memory), way back in 2016, we we were on our way back home to Fife, Scotland and we stopped by a local pub. It was here that the Wild Pioneers was born. Our intention and ambition to document our adventures, our wild times, all the little things we observed from the car, from the hilltops, and even the car parks we had visited. Even though that is embarrassing, that often we never got much further from a car park (bird watching, I promise you…. ) We wanted a place to record these trips.

We wanted to be able to share them with others who may find it interesting, or inspiring, or useful, or useless information.

Damn straight, if the internet needs anything more, we do believe it needs a decent list of car parks from around the world…

Flåm, Norway 2016

In essence we wanted to find a way to bring together our interest in travel, wildlife and wildnerness, conservation, and passion for all things Scandi.

Over the next couple of years we began to make that jump. 

We built our online empires, we even managed over the course of the following two years to quit our jobs and travel the world – we spent a decent amount of time and effort, blood sweat and tears learning the ropes and setting up online so that we could have more of that freedom we desired.

And somehow with all that effort, the Wild Pioneers got tucked away, up high on a dusty shelf. The domain name lapsed, we went black ops on social media. When we did go out for rambles, we felt tame.

The desire to be free and roam the wilds didn’t match up with the need to support and sustain ourselves. All that time spent studying, working, learning, creating, meant that our wild adventures  had to be reined in a bit.

Instead of using our free time, our down days to go off on adventures – in the early days it was unbelievably hard to prioritise that while building our own businesses. That is some tricky, time consuming shit, lets not pretend otherwise.

With other priorities, and less time and shorter ranges, our adventures definitely felt on the mild side for a while.

But we didn’t come here to be mild pioneers.

We came here to be Wild Pioneers.

And so with a new set of binoculars and a fancy new camera, it is with great pleasure, a healthy dose of trepidation, and some pretty bold plans, we reconnect to that vision and a life of wild pioneering.

Now, for the big question.

Where shall we start?

Thingvellir, Iceland 2018


Why, go on then …. Leave us a comment! We’d be stoked to hear from you.